How to Save the Highlights of Your Last Family Holiday in Full Motion with Live Stickies

Family holidays are a fantastic way to unwind and show your loved ones the beauty of the world around them. Some of your happiest family moments will take place on your adventures, and live photos are the best way to capture the most detail in every stunning moment. But what if there was a way to make your live photos truly shine?

Live Stickies Lets You Create Unforgettable Memories

Snow vacation

You know that you can record live photos with your smartphone’s camera. But apps like Live Stickies allow you to make something truly special out of this nifty smartphone camera technology. Being able to bring beautiful prints that you snapped yourself to life is one way to make your last family trip’s memories really pop.

The point of Live Stickies is to hang a still print of your favorite moment, which can then be sensationally animated when you point your smartphone camera at it while using the Live Stickies app.

The technology behind this service seems almost magical, but your part in the process is quite simple. Throughout your holiday, all that you need do is make a small amount of extra effort while you take pictures and videos of the most joyful moments in your family vacation.  

The Straightforward Holiday Live Stickies Method

So, you, your partner, and your kids are at the lakehouse. The sun is out in full force, the sky is an azure blue and the lake reflects that perfect sky like an enormous mirror. It’s a gorgeous scene and the kids are splashing about the lake’s shore in ecstasy.

Now, you want to take the ideal photos of the whole trip, but with a delightful upgrade using the Live Stickies service. To start things off, you will need to take some clear pictures of your kids playing – but remember not to move from your spot for the next step.

Then, you will want to take a matching video of the scene. Make sure that you keep the same orientation and ratio for this recording. And voila, you are ready to make your first Live Stickies work of art! There’s no rush, however, just enjoy your family holiday to the fullest and you can finish up the process when you get home.

Ordering Your Print

Once you and the family get back home, you can take a few minutes to browse through your pictures and their matching videos to decide on the best moment.

You can then submit your chosen picture and matching video to the order page. You can get as many Live Stickies made as you like. Once your print arrives, simply stick it up on the wall and aim your smartphone camera at it through the Live Stickies app and watch as your fantastic moment appears again in full motion.

Your kids will be blown away when they see how your Live Stickies creation works. You can turn a wall in your home into an incredible AR exhibition where all your tenderest moments will always shine.