Live Stickies: The Perfect Gift !

Have you been searching for a gift to give that is classy, sentimental, and unique? You are in the right place! Introducing Live Stickies, the perfect gift that allows you to not only freeze time but to revisit that moment whenever and however often as you please.

Live Stickies is your opportunity to turn a past memory into a new experience. Using our downloadable app, all you have to do is point your phone or device at the photo that you ordered from our website, and a video attached to the memory will appear instantly, immediately transporting the viewer back to the moment that the original photo was taken. 


The photo you choose for printing can be of anything you feel is worth remembering, including:

  • Coming out of the hospital with your baby for the first time
  • Your baby uniting with his/her older sibling(s) for the first time
  • Your baby’s first steps
  • Your baby’s first laugh.

The list goes on and on! 

Studies have shown that children who grew up in homes with family photos on display typically had a stronger sense of attachment and belonging than those who did not. By using Live Stickies to capture not only a moment but a complete memory, children have the opportunity to develop fond remembrances of the context within which a photo was taken.

Ordering Process

The order process for Live Stickies is simple:

  1. Click here to visit the ordering site. 
  2. Select the orientation, foam color, photo, and video that you would like to use. 
  3. Add to cart.

This product comes with a 100% quality guarantee, and special customizations are possible by contacting us before placing your order.

An ordering process of under one minute will result in a lifetime of enjoyment! 

How to Use Live Stickies

As soon as the print is received, it is ready for use. Ensure that you have downloaded the app, then go ahead and point your smart device at the print. Your video will instantly pop up and you will find yourself immersed in the beautiful memory that you selected to accompany your photo.

Live Stickies are especially great for capturing special moments with children. Children grow up so quickly that parents feel desperate to freeze time. With Live Stickies, you really can freeze time, take a photograph, and then jump back into that moment using our video feature whenever you feel the desire. 

Live Stickies are great gifts that can be used to connect with family members who might not get to see your children as often as you do- this includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, and close family friends. It is hard to love children from afar since you know how much you are missing out on. With Live Stickies, you can ease that pain a little bit, and help that person feel more connected than ever before.

You can’t put a price on memories, but Live Stickies makes it possible to turn irreplaceable memories into gifts. Ideal for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion, make Live Stickies part of your home today.