Making your special moments Stand Out with A Gift with a Memory

What makes those lovely memories in our lives last forever? It is things like those heartwarming family pictures, videos of childhood memories, and the walls in our homes that we have dedicated to celebrating our beautiful families. But what if there were a few easy ways to make the most important achievements in our lives truly pop?

A Gift with a Memory is a family-oriented online store that helps its customers preserve their sacred memories in the most intimate and detailed manner possible. This heartwarming service is achieved through the online store’s main products: Live Stickies, City Maps, and Star Maps.

Bringing your memories back to life with Live Stickies

Can you imagine being able to relive your precious family memories in incredible detail? The Live Stickies service allows you to do just that, and you can control the entire experience.

First things first, take both a picture and a video of a heartwarming family scene. Just make sure that your picture and video have the same orientation and ratio. Next, upload both the picture and the video to the A Gift with a Memory’s Live Stickies order page and your high-quality print will be on its way.

Once your print arrives, you can stick it up on a wall in your home. To make your print come to life, you will need to download the Live Stickies app. Now for the magical part: open the app and point your phone’s camera at the print and watch as your print bursts into life!

Celebrating the most important moments in your life with Star Maps

Marriage proposals, graduations, and other momentous occasions – all these big moments deserve to be cherished and honored. What better way to do this than with a custom poster that shows that your success was written in the stars?

A Star Map is a customizable poster that you can either order as a digital item to share with your friends and family or a physical print that you can hang on your home’s wall. The main feature is a sensational image of the constellations frozen at the exact time and place of a special event. You can order the starry record in a circle, moon, star, or heart shape. Then, beneath the huge starry image will be printed the location, date, and the names of those involved in, for example, a marriage proposal, as well as a short description of the event.

Honoring the place where your life changed with a City Map

Most people hold the city or town where they moved to begin their new lives, proposed to the love of their life, or bought their first apartment in high regard. The City Map feature of A Gift with a Memory’s range of products features a large map of the city and the moment where you found love, success, and happiness.

The order process is simple. All that you need do is choose whether you want a digital or physical copy of your City Map, and then fill out details like the relevant city, the date of your happy moment, the names of those involved, and a short description of the special occasion.