The 4 People in Your Life That Need Live Sticky This Holiday Season

We know what you’re thinking- holiday season? Already?! Let the dust from the 4th of July settle why don’t you! Yeah, yeah but trust us! The holiday season will be here before you know it. You can thank us later for the amazing gift giving solution we’re about to provide for you. 

Ok, so hear us out! What is one kind of gift (aside from cookies) you can give to almost anyone in your life, that they’re truly going to love? A trip down memory lane! Something that’s really going to tug at the heart strings. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Live Stickies!

Live Stickies are a way for you to turn a still moment photo into an experience.

  • Step 1 - upload a photo and video on our website and order a print!
  • Step 2 - Once you get your print, just use our "Live Stickies" app to scan it and watch it come to life.  
  • Step 3 - Enjoy your Live Stickie for years to come!

Our AR technology helps you to relive those memories with a point of your phone. Never worry about forgetting a detail again- with Live Stickies you’re able to replay your memory time and time again.

So, who are the top 4 people in your life who would love a Live Stickie under the tree this year?


No one gets into photos of your kids more than your grandparents. Imagine their excitement when you tell them it’s a Live Print! The Live Stickies app is easy to use, so don’t worry about having to teach new technology. Grandma and Grandpa will be so excited by your thoughtfulness that they will get the hang of it in no time! All they have to do is aim the camera on the print – that’s it.

Your Spouse!

They say that overtime, romance dies. Here’s your way to assure that it doesn’t. With our live prints you and your loved one can look back on the specialist moments of your time together, in live motion.


Your Baby!

 Ok so yes, your baby might not completely understand the concept yet. But how cool will it be as your little one grows to be able to see their younger selves come to life on their printed photos ? It should also be noted that Live Stickies are safe to hang on your baby’s wall. The Live Stickies are printed on a smooth textured foam board, which is strong, rigid, and tremendously light weight.

Your BFF!

 Remember when you and your friends were young and fun? No? You would if you’d had a Live Stickie. Give your friends the gifts of memories you never had! And no worries- Live Stickie comes with an easy-to-use mounting kit. No need to feel guilty about what you’re getting your friend into, trying to get it hung on the wall.

We could really go on, but you get the point. Live Stickie is a thoughtful and unique gift, unlike anything most people have received before, and they’re the perfect gift for anyone! Win the holiday party this year- gift the most important people in your life (& even those who aren’t so important….) with a Live Stickie.