The 5 Best Tips to Create the Ultimate Family Live Photo

Thanks to the power of modern smartphones and their powerful cameras, every beloved family memory can be preserved in high definition. In 2021, however, parents are taking their family photos to a whole new level with live photos. These animated viewpoints allow families to preserve those heartwarming moments just how they remember them.

Magical Memories with Live Stickies

Live Stickies is a fantastically simple but sensational app that provides the best live family photos service. Using incredible AR technology, Live Stickies combines your still photograph with a full-motion video of the same scene. How does it work?

All that you need to do is take both a photo of the scene that you would like to enhance, as well as a matching video. You can then upload both your photo and video to the app’s parent site. A beautiful, high-quality print will then be quickly sent to you, which you can bring to life using your camera within the Live Stickies app.

To get the best quality memory down successfully, however, you might want to follow the best live photo practice!

  1. Make sure that your shot is in focus

Getting your shot into focus is as simple as a tap of the screen on most smartphone cameras. To get the clearest snap, tap on the area of the smartphone screen that shows your subject, i.e., your beautiful family.

  1. Stick to your orientation

This might seem like an obvious one to most, but ensuring that the orientation for your photo matches that of your video is essential for landing a smooth live photo.

If you take a landscape photo, then you should also record a landscape video. The same goes for portrait.

Portait  Landscape
portrait example VS Landscape example


  1. Match your ratios

Ratio, or proportion, is another important factor to get right for your live photo magic. When your beautiful print is delivered to you shortly after your order, you will need to match your video’s ratio to it.

For example, if you ordered a 20 x 30 cm print size, then the ratio of your video should be set to 2:3. It’s not a trainwreck if you don’t do this, but matching your ratios will ensure the smoothest execution.

  1. Make the most out of your smartphone camera’s quality

Many modern smartphones have excellent cameras and will do most of the work for you. The human element still counts when it comes to capturing the best possible photos and videos, however.

Firstly, if your smartphone camera has an HDR mode, then make sure that it is on. Remember that nothing beats natural light and to keep your camera as still as possible.

  1. Taking a frame out of a video

If you have an already existing video which you would like to turn into a live photo, then it needs to be of good quality. You will also need to factor in the size of your print size as it may be too large for a video frame.

While you can simply screenshot the frame from the video, this guide shows you how to do it best.