Our Story

When’s the last time you’ve received a gift that you have cherished forever? More often than not, many gifts we receive will eventually end up at the back of a closet collecting dust. As a society we have mastered the art of capturing memories through photos. However, we have yet to come up with a solution that allows us to truly relive that moment as if we are right back there. We see these photos once and they don’t bring anything new to our lives after that. Here at A Gift With a Memory we wanted to change the way that we capture memories and transform it into a living, breathing experience. To transform them into something we experience once, into a timeless treasure that can bring endless joy for years to come.
Show the people you love how much you truly cherish your memories with them with an unforgettable keepsake they use to remind them of their most special moments. Many of the gifts you purchase through our store comes an interactive video you can activate on your phone. Simply aim your camera at the digital poster and the memory will instantly play on your screen. This means your loved ones will get a real-time moment they can look back on every time they gaze at the gift. The interactive app allows you to transform your humble gift into an endless living memory. 
Say for example you give your parents a framed photo of their Grandchildren. Now they can aim their phone at it and see the beautiful memories of the children playing through the photo every time. This means you can relive the memory again and again, even ten years down the line. A new way to immortalize those special moments in style. This venture started as a simple dream. One to help people capture and relive these special moments for years to come, rather than them gathering dust in the cloud. A way for them to see it “live” even ten years after the event has happened. It’s the perfect way to give a romantic gift to a loved one that allows them to cherish not only a snapchat of the photo but also a video. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to remember their most cherished moments in rich, vivid and unforgettable detail.

Our Mission

Our goal is to give people the opportunity to immortalize their most cherished memories in the boldest, most memorable way possible. To break down the current trend of old, uninspiring photos and give them a way to relive these moments forever. Through intricate, interactive gifts, the hope is to pave the way for a new world of cherishing moments. One where people can always remember these special moments every time they look at the piece. We strive to give people a means of bringing them closer to their favorite memories by putting them right back there through timeless videos. Capture every moment in breathtaking detail and relive your most cherished memories right from the comfort of your own home.